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With REACT, we made every lacquer you own better with a formula that works with any lacquer system. The tradition continues with REACT BREATHABLE 3-IN-1 that cares for your nails as much as it cares for your manicure. Now, with REACT BREATHABLE we just made every lacquer you own better AND your nails too!

Morgan Taylor React Breathable 3 in 1. Base - Treatment - Topcoat. Works with any lacquer system. Contains vitamins A, B5, E. Soak-Free removal

The Product

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What It Is:

3-IN-1   Base, Treatment, and Top Coat

Why You Need It:

The formula creates unique polymer gaps that allow air to pass through nail lacquer AND continue through when it’s also used as a Top Coat. Nails can breath and receive nutrients as they were meant to.

When You Use It:



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