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Get back to growing stronger nails! Unlike products that only cover nail damage, dailyELIXIR Keratin Natural Nail Treatment truly fixes nail problems like no other product.

Morgan Taylor Daily Elixir

Morgan Taylor Daily Elixir: Keratin nail treatment for natural nails.
  • 20% active ingredients.
  • Immediate results you can see.
  • 7-free formula.
  • resurfaces and strengthens nails with powerful hydrolyzed keratin peptides.

The Product

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The Video

Introducing dailyELIXIR by Morgan Taylor

dailyELIXIR Keratin Nail Treatment

What It Is:

Daily Keratin Natural Nail Treatment

Why You Need It:

With 20% active ingredients for unheard of results, keratin peptidestarget and correct breaks, splits, and peeling nails by bonding with your damaged nail keratin to instantly repair and protect.

Keratin Natural Nail Treatment dailyELIXIR

3 Levels of WOW:

dailyELIXIR goes to work right away immediately conditioning the nail.

Hydrolyzed keratin peptides resurface the nail plate while cross-linking with existing nail protein to restore natural nail structure and strenght.

Pathenol-infused Bio-Organic Complex™ keeps nails moisturized even under harsh environmental conditions.

Natural Nail Keratin, Crosslinked bond, keratin peptides.
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