Designer Plates Nail Art Stamping Kit

Put your stamp on next level nail art with the Morgan Taylor Designer Plates Nail Art Stamping Kit. Create easy, customizable nail looks using your choice of transfer designs and our exclusive stamper. Available in Floral, Geometric and Celebration themed kits, Designer Plates give you the tools to create precise, detailed art every time.

The Products

  • Geometric 1


  • Flirty Florals 1


  • Celebrations 1


The Video

Morgan Taylor Designer Plates Step by Step

Kit Contents

Kit Contents

Each Kit Includes

  • 2 Designer Stamping Plates
    • Each plate contains 14 designs
    • 28 designs per kit
  • 2 Plate Sleeve Protectors
  • 1 Scraper Card
  • 1 Clear Stamper

How To Apply

3 Simple Steps

  • 1. Apply polish onto the
    Designer Plate

  • 2. Scrape Card against plate
    to spread polish.

  • 3. Press stamper onto polished plate. Stamp design onto nail.

Tips & Tricks

For Best Results:
  • Use Plenty Of Product
  • Work Fast. Lacquer Dries Quickly
  • Use Crèmes and Metallics
  • Clean Stampers with Scotch Tape
Things to Avoid:
  • Use Product Sparingly
  • Use Chunky Glitters
  • Workly Slowly
  • Use Acetone to Clean Stampers