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From Paris With Love


Skin Tone:

Nail Shape:

Nail Length:

Colors: I Wanna Dance With Somebody

  • 3110260<br>A Tale of Two Nails
  • 3110324<br>What\'s Your Poinsettia?
  • 3110478<br>You Red My Mind
  • 3110804<br>Fire Cracker
  • 3110809<br>Red Alert
  • 3110823<br>Stand Out
  • 3110842<br>Good Gossip
  • 3110848<br>Rose Garden
  • 3110861<br>Hot Rod Red
  • 3110867<br>Black Cherry Berry
  • 3110886<br>A Petal For Your Thoughts
  • 3110900<br>Berry Merry Holidays
  • 3110911<br>All Tied Up... With A Bow
  • 50029<br>Rare As Rubies
  • 50030<br>Pretty Woman
  • 50031<br>Wonder Woman
  • 50032<br>Man Of The Moment
  • 50033<br>Best Dressed
  • 50034<br>Take The Lead
  • 50035<br>From Paris With Love
  • 50036<br>Seal The Deal
  • 50144<br>Scandalous
  • 50163<br>Vixen In A Mask
  • 50185<br>A Touch Of Sass
  • 50189<br>Ruby Two-Shoes
  • 50190<br>I\'m So Hot
  • 50191<br>A Little Naughty
  • 50229<br>Looking For A Wingman
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