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Fall/Winter 2023


Gothic Fairy by Danielle Candido

Moody hues dominated at New York Fashion Week this year, as seen on Rodarte’s glossy gothic fairytale-inspired stiletto nails by Morgan Taylor. The models were turned into mystical, gothic fairies at Rodarte and this nail design complemented the 90's grunge inspired makeup on the runway.

Lead nail stylist, Danielle Candido didn’t shy away from experimenting with techniques and used Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer to create the look. She used the polish color Black Shadow as a base and painted the tips with metallic shades such as Chain Reaction and Izzy Wizzy, Let's Get Busy for a shiny, latex finish on the stiletto nails. "The black grounds all of the really majestic colors, so it brings haute couture to a different level... It takes Gothic and makes it Royal. The shape of the nail reflects the plugging necklines, angular designs, and graphic eyeliner in linear shapes," Candido explains.

Ph: @gregbackstage
Ph: Filipino Fortis/ Vogue

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