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Spring/Summer 2022


Colors of Nature by Julie Kandalec

This year the colors of Mother Nature were hard at work on the runway at Rodarte. Inspiration taken from nature, such as the moon, stars, and even zebra stripes were painted onto the models' nails for the designers' collection.

Nail artist Julie Kandalec used multiple Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer shades including creamy nude color Tan My Hide, opalescent lilac, butter yellow, apricot, and shimmery white and pink to create many distinct manicure looks while adding a touch of 3D stars and half-crescent moons. "I was inspired by the various shades of the sun as it evolves both during sunrise and sunset over the desert," she says. In one look, she adds a pop of blood orange, more specifically Orange Crush with touches of gold to draw a crescent moon.

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